For the love of a good book … We thank you Kelly

KELLYS BOOK NOOK located in Nuevo Vallarta is the place to find that perfect beach read as you enjoy your relaxing days in Nuevo Vallarta.

The concept behind our new project is fun. We will be RENTING books to you for 20 pesos each. You can sign out a book and we ask you to please return it when you are done….50% of the 20 pesos will be directly donated to the Cleft Palate Clinic here in Vallarta.   What a fabulous way to help the children and families in our community who are in need of surgeries and dental work for better health, self confidence, and a reason to smile. Additionally we encourage each of you to consider donating any additional books that you have to our lending library.

¨As word of the Book Nook spreads we expect our little book nook to create a nice flow of folks looking for a good read…these days with baggage charges, we are all less likely to over pack their bags with books….this will give you an opportunity to read and leave your books behind, says April Miton, Book Nook Coordinator.

The book nook is filled with literally hundreds of books is located in the Vallarta Escapes Office which is located at Retorno Nayarit #70, Nuevo Vallarta.

This high season, Vallarta Escapes will once again be hosting Friday evening social gatherings…please join them for a cocktail, a game of Bingo on the Peace Fundraiser nights, and you can take some time to enjoy the book nook at the same time.

Without a doubt, this is going to be a fun filled winter…come check our out beach reads and browse the Vallarta Escapes retail shop at the same tim.

We Looking forward to seeing you at Kelly´s Book Nook in Nuevo Vallarta.  For email inquiries or call 322 297 0139.

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