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Welcome to October! This month in Puerto Vallarta will mark a decided change in the daily temperatures.  Now the heat and humidity will give way to stunning clear skies and temperatures that average in the 80´s each day.  This is perfect weather for sunning on the beach or touring the Banderas Bay and discovering the sights a little outside of downtown Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta and the entire Banderas Bay are in high preparation mode for the upcoming Pan American Games that are being held on the 14th of October .

16th Pan American Games are headed to Puerto Vallarta.

Here is the Schedule…

The 2011 Pan American Games, officially the XVI Pan American Games or the 16th Pan American Games, will be a major international multi-sport event that will be held from October 14–30, 2011 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, with some events held in nearby cities of Ciudad Guzmán, Puerto Vallarta, Lagos de Moreno and Tapalpa.

We, at Vallarta Escapes, are most interested in the events in Puerto Vallarta.

It will be the largest multi-sport event of the year, with approximately 6,000 athletes from 42 nations expected to participate in 36 sports. Both the Pan American and Parapan American Games are being organized by the Guadalajara 2011 Organizing Committee (COPAG). The 2011 Pan American Games will become the third Pan American Games hosted by Mexico (the first country to do so) and the first held in the state of Jalisco. Previously, Mexico hosted the 1955 Pan American Games and the 1975 Pan American Games, both in Mexico City.

Estadio de Volley Ball Panamericano en Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Photo courtesy of @chuforobles

In Puerto Vallarta at the “Agustin Flores” sports complex there is a new 5,000 seat capacity beach volleyball stadium in its final steps of being built. An oceanfront spectator route will be provided for the open-swimming competition and the triathlon event that will be held in the Marina of Puerto Vallarta.  Sailing will take place in the open waters of the Banderas Bay.  Details are available in OUR POST

Here is a link to the schedule: http://www.guadalajara2011.org.mx/documentos/deportes/calendario-v4.7-en.pdf the second section is specifically for Puerto Vallarta.  The sports in our destination will be Aquatics Open Water at the Malecon Beach, Triathlon at the Maritine Terminal, Sailing at the Vallarta Yacht Club and Beach Volleyball at the new Pan American Beach Volleybal Stadium.

With those locations in mind we proudly offer accommodations at

The Peninsula Condos

The Grand Venetian

Puesta del Sol in La Marina

Contact us soon to reserve your room. Email Info@VallartaEscapes.com

Real Estate Pick of the Month

Under All Is Land!

This statement rings true for all investors, large or small.  If you cannot afford a house, then buy land.  If you can afford a house and a little bit more, then buy land.

So you can’t afford to build right now?  That’s O.K. because the land won’t go down in value or go away.  Unless of course you over paid or didn’t do your homework.  A house may age, but land will not.

In Mexico the important thing to do is research the land title.  Make sure there is a title and that it is a “clean” title.  Buying land in Mexico has different levels of risk.  The higher the risk, the lower the price.

The weak of heart will shy away, but… those that love the crap table in gambling will win big or loose.  Half the fun is in the game.  Whoever said it is the Love of the Deal knew the thrill of taking a chance.

Get a professional working for you, be patient and the right deal will come up at the right time.  I will stand on solid ground to guarantee it.

Here are links to some deals, but… I only scratch the surface, hehe




Twitter’s usefulness goes far beyond finding out what strangers ate for lunch; here are 3 ways to make it useful and take advantage of this powerful social network:

How to Promote your Company or Product

By @JLChavezPV – IT Manager at Vallarta Escapes

If you have a sticker that represents your company or product, would you stick it to the bumper of your car, right?…probably… But you wouldn´t cover the whole car of stickers would you? Well, Twitter works exactly the same, Twitter is about you, what happens to you and what matters to you so go ahead share. Tell the world what is happening in your life and once in a while include an ad for your product in the conversation.

Follow your local Hashtag

Hashtags link conversations around the same subject, you would be surprised how fast the news travel in twitter, often times you will hear about something before anyone else, yea, it´s that fast.  The local Hashtags to link conversations related to the area are #Vallarta #PuertoVallarta #RivieraNayarit & #Mexico

Get Better Customer Service

Conducting customer service on Twitter doesn’t make much sense for the companies that have to provide it, they actually dislike doing it and this is because if they don´t handle it properly one little complaint can turn into a real crisis that could cost them a lot of money.  So, next time you have feedback for a company (positive or negative), just Google the search string “[Company name] Twitter” and  let them know using in 140 characters.  You will be surprised how quick they reply….or at least the ones that really care for their customers.

For those of you who read the above and thought to yourself… What is he talking about??? I would like to introduce you to www.Tweettobeheard.com which will be here before we know it.  Now is the time to make your reservations for the Conference and a well deserved vacation in Nuevo Vallarta.

Tweet to be Heard 3 is the Social Marketing Conference of the season… Don’t Miss it!


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