Toll Free Phone Numbers From Mexico to the United States

Have you ever been vacationing in Mexico and needed to call a United States Toll Free Number? Well here is the way to do it:
To dial “toll free” calls to the USA, you must replace the 800, 866, 877, 888 prefix in the toll free number as shown in the table below:

USA Toll-free “Area Code” replace with
800                                         880
866                                         883
877                                         882
888                                         881

So, for example, to dial AT&T Wireless customer service in the USA (800-947-5096) you would dial from San Felipe using either a landline or cellphone: 00-1-880-947-5096. These calls are not really toll free, you will pay around 50 cents/minute for the privilege of being able to access these services.

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