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We are proud to recommend this activity because has worldwide reputation for exceptional diving and extraordinary service. The highly qualified dive team offers a range of diverse dive experiences as well as PADI courses for all levels of divers.

For the mixed crowd, they’ll take you to Caletas and Marietas Island. If you are an adrenaline seeker they’ll take you for a fast and comfortable ride aboard the Scuba Adventure, the divers only 47 foot scuba boat.

The cater to the more experienced divers by taking you out to sites such as El Morro, Corbetena, Anegados,. Also when the diving is hot, you can expect crystal blue water making it easy to spot turtles, mantas, sharks and another big fish.

• Beginners dive classes and PADI certifications are available
• To participate in the diving programs, divers need to be certificated and hold a valid certification card.
• Certified divers who have not been diving in the past months will be required to take a refresher course with the purveyor.
• Non certified divers, need have to complete the Discover Scuba pool lessons before dive.
• Certified divers are automatically entitled to participate in 2 tanks dives.
• Non- certified divers will only be allowed a 1-tank dive.

LAS MARIETAS (Friends and Family) only one tank as certified, 2 tanks divers may be on separate boat. Excellent family trip, a variety of tropical fish , mantas, turtles, and whales (Dec-Apr) whales. A site with variety: caves, reefs, drop-ofts.

Certification or resort course required lunch and beverages included.

LAS CALETAS – 1 tank for beginners – 2 tanks for certified divers. Beautiful pacific reef life: colorful, tropical fishes, turtles and sometimes mantas, good drop-ofts, nice shallows fine beaches. A great place to combine beachcombing, lazing in the sun and diving.

ANEGADOS – Large variety or marine life and large scale: mantas, turtles, sharks, and dolphins. Great site: caves, arches, steep walls. Lunch and beverages are included.

EL MORRO – 2 tank dive Great variety of marine life, mantas, sharks, large schooling fish, turtles , dolphins, worlds class site: drop-offs, caves, and arches. Lunch and beverages are included.

LOS ARCOS – (Twilight dive) – 2 tanks dive. Marine Natural Park: lobster, octopus, moray, eels, turtles, variety of tropical fish. No crowds and shallow seas with an impressive drop-off
Open water certification required.

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